Sunday, August 26, 2007

Londonderry Pop Festival

So for anyone who missed out on the rome extravaganza in vermont this weekend missed a hell of a party. I think its pretty safe to say everyone involved had a good time. Rome really pulled through and had a great event. They managed to get snow for an 85 degree rail jam, A mini ramp for skating, multiple bands, a giant projection screen to premier the new movie any means and from what i remember it was solid all around video. After the video premier they lite up the bonfire and it went all night. I have two slideshows of pictures take a look and see what you missed out on. Thanks to rome for putting this on and i hope they do it every year.-mike

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Lauren Traub Teton said...

Yes, it was a cool party on a hot hot day. Want to read a little more about it? My blogentry on the Rome Party is here: