Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Josh Zucker pt.2

As promised, thank you Holden.


Interview by: Holden Barth
H: Hey Josh, it seems that things have been a little busy lately, is this true?

J: (Laughs) it's been a little hectic around here lately, you could say that.

H: Would you like to tell us about the summer you just had?

J: Oh man, this summer was amazing... I got to go to Woodward to film, and meet a ton of great people. I was a video intern at the "Woodward Academy of Digital Media" which is basically all you can ask for if you're into anything that has to do with the field.

H: Video intern? For how long?

J: About seven weeks, I went home for two weeks to do a college film program in Boston, but decided I was learning more at camp.

H: Wow, thats a long time, How did you manage to pull off that job?

J: Well the previous summer I went Woodward for a week, as a video production camper. Over the year I stayed in contact with the director of the video program, Dave Metty and "persistently nudged him towards giving me an internship." Originally it was supposed to be a few weeks, but turned into being the majority of the summer.

H: Sounds like you have quite the hook up there, how many hours were you working a day?

J: About 12... You have breaks and all, but there are always so many things to be filmed and edited; you usually just end up running of Red Bulls (laughs), which starts to kill you after a while though.

H: Dang dude... you must have been exhausted. Well did you get to meet any one big in the skateboard film industry? (Drop some names...)

J: Well, for a week Greg Hunt (mind field, DC video) came down and did a guest instructor session. He's really easy to get along with and a big help when it comes to explaining different aspects of film... Actually before he left, he gave his "signature director series" Mind Field AWS decks, it has a bunch of photos he shot printed on the deck. Signed and everything, its hanging in my room at the moment (laughs).

H: Thats awesome, so has the work come to an end now?

J: Oh, not in the least... Metty set up a deal, that if I do a list of motion graphics he needs by all these due dates, in return I get one of the camp's 24" Macs. On top of that I am doing the intro to their annual "Colony of Summer" video.

H: So thats what you do on your Friday nights...

J: (Laughs) yeah... but at least I get paid now so it's manageable. Not only that, but I love the camp and am also super appreciative to be able to work for them.

H: Well we can't wait to see your work that you have coming up in the future. Any thanks?

J: Big thanks to: Mom, Dad, Family, Dave Metty, Eastern Boarder, Steve Ryan, Gary Ream, Friends at Woodward, Jeff Brock, Pmac, Gee, John C, Greg Hunt, Ely P, OMS crew, Mike Grasso, Holden B, Henry S, Brett Y, Eric T, Jarred D, Matt M, Matt NG, Chris M, Bill and Danielle D, Everyone who has helped, inspired, and given me new opportunities to help me reach where I want to be.

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