Thursday, July 26, 2007

First 07-08 Snowboard Shipment

& the winner issss... Nitro.
big ups to Nitro for being the first to get their boards in the shop.
there are three different models: the men & womens T1, the T2, & the misfit.
graphics look sick. very hard. unlike jay.
we're psyched to have these this year, since it's been a little while, so come check them out.
early bird gets the worm.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MF Doom's!

So as anybody who follows nikes knows the new "MF Doom" High top dunks are droping today and good news eb has them! If you're a size 7.5 or 8 and you have 230 dollars come down to natick and grab them! If your any other size call the other shops, its kind of like a sneaker treasure hunt!

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Some slightly more inexpensive and readily available shoes have started to come in as well. We've got new shoes from es, emerica and fallen so come get these before there gone seriously there all good so they will go fast!

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New foundation shirt we just got in, funny? played out? you be the judge.

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And lastly there has been an official release date of the much anticipated Lakai video "fully flared" November 16, 2007 check out for the official countdown. But in the mean time come watch anyone of the plethora of videos we have at the shop in our new and improved lounge/couch/lovesac area. we have a new tv! its bigger!

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Just for fun heres our new shop dog wilber again.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

better than ours

a blog actually worth looking at:

shop dog

there is a new addition to the EB Natick family.
this is the new shop dog, Wilbur.
well, really he is Jay's new puppy but he will be visiting the shop often.
come say hi- he will be here tomorrow 11 - 8.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Best of Boston

2nd year in a row. believe it.
the latest issue of the Improper Bostonian includes its "annual guide to the city's best restaurants, clubs, shoppings, entertainment, and more".
& the pick for the best snowboard shop? yours truly.
of course our win last year was under the title skate & snow shop but this year the skate shop category was eliminated.


"When winter arrives, if skiing is not your thing, you've got only two options; you can sit around on the couch until the snow melts, or you can grab a snowboard and shred some powder. Instead of putting a permenent dent in the sofa, check out Eastern Boarder's custom snowboard shop. The staff is as patient with neophytes as they are enthusiastic with Olympic hopefuls, and they'll walk you through the process step-by-step, from choosing the right size board to finding the appropriate clothes. Once you're properly outfitted, they'll customize a board with bindings and boots, including heat molded liners, which contour the boot liner to the exact shape of your foot. If your board took a beating last winter they also offer hand waxing, hand sharpening, and base and lamination repair services. We promise your couch will still be there when you get back from the mountain."

411 & Hubba videos

411 Manny Mania Boston video is on the site.
go to the link above and click on the video image to watch it.

& in case you haven't seen this yet...
Dave Bachinsky in all his mini-ramp glory:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Snowboarding in july.

August is not even upon us and snowboard paraphernalia has already started to arrive! Recent additions include the first issue of snowboarder of the 07/08 season a special 20th anniversary edition, including the 20 most influential riders of all time. I'll give you a hint of who's number one he recently broke some records at the artic challenge.
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Literature aside we have also begun to recieve some fresh to death Special blend and Foursquare hoodies. So come get yours before there gone, everyone knows how important fashion is in snowboarding.
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And lastly its that time of year again, video hype. With what seems like an over abundance of videos coming out this year there are bound to be a few good ones. Just a couple to look forward to is EB friend and mass local John Caven's new film with Rome Snowboards "Any Means", keep an eye out for a showtime sighting. Mack Dawg productions alway comes out with amazing cutting edge epic movies and this year is no different "picture this" looks like no other video, big budget comes to mind. But Mack Dawg covers a lot of ground now that they picked up a few key people from neoproto and other disbanded production companies and started a different branch. The "people" side of things is less epic in size but just as enjoyable to watch with lesser known pros and ams shredding, tight pants and handrails. check out the preview and soon you'll be as pumped as i am, or you won't care because its July, but come October you'll be psyched. -mike.

We're People Too

Picture This.

Jay back from the lake in the sky

Well, I'm back from Lake Tahoe. This place rips in the winter and is equally radical in the summer. I try to make it to Tahoe every summer to join my good freinds in the T.I.T. (Tahoe Invitational Tournament). Basically we play foosball, golf, volleyball, tennis, horseshoes, and anything else you can have some cold ones whilst competing for the crown. This year we had use of a watercaft to aid us in trips around the lake. The color of that water is so inviting, but man that lake is cold. I just don't have that extra layer of fat that Steve does to keep me warm.

Friday, July 13, 2007

employee update

say bye to Stevie for a week.
he is going on vacation to Maine with his girl Jessica Biel.
they have all of the usual vacation plans. you know- walks on the beach, wine coolers, tight speedos, etc.
He's really excited about it.

Jay will be back in the shop on Tuesday after his week-long break in Tahoe.
we imagine he is excited to see the damage the squirrels have done to his house while he's been away.
speaking of wine coolers and squirrels...

as for everyone else:

Mac is on his usual routine of 3-4 hours of sleep per night. he has a new apartment with EB's own Pat D'onfro. they have been celebrating, skating, and doing 12oz. curls.

it seems all of Brittnee's binge candy eating has finally caught up with her. she had her teeth cleaned yesterday & yes, she has a cavity. good thing silver grills are totally in right now. she also has a new apartment right down the street from Mac & Pat. needless to say, hers is much cleaner than theirs.

snow season is fast approaching & Mike is already getting psyched. new snow magazines & hype about this seasons videos are officially circulating.

new shoes

is it really back-to-school time already?
12 new sneaker drops today. including Emerica, Es, & Nike SB.

ps. happy friday the 13th.