Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hudson Park Session This Sunday

Come out to Hudson this Sunday to hang out and skate with us.
There will be food, drinks, some best trick contests, and if you're lucky- a product toss.
We'll be heading over around 2pm, so do your homework early and spend the rest of the day shredding.

The park is located on South Street- if you need help getting there, consult the map & link below.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

High-low juxtaposition? Europa!

What that title means, I really don't know, but Jay said it was good and what Jay says goes. Britt also knew what a juxtaposition was so now I'm really the idiot. Anyways, what I do know is that the model in these next few clips is the only thing that kept me interested in this article. Watch the video, some of the kids have some decent flatground stuff, but the best highights are when one of the crazy Euros ollies over the chick, and then proceeds to draw a chick on her forehead with a sharpie. Only in Europe I guess. Hopefully fashion and skateboarding won't mesh THIS much over here, the Hubba girls are all we need.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kit it out son!!!

So many new kits in from Volcom, Foursquare, Special Blend, and Burton. There are more color combinations this year than (insert witty Bub humor here) any other year actually. Shit is tight though, really. Check Leo's blog for some funny male (wtf?) modeling photos. Nice job guys. Ladies, if you would like to strut your stuff in some new threads for our blog, you know where we're at.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Success!!! "Tent" Sale Relief...

intenTs. Yes we know, it's been a week since our last update, but you should know that is because of the big sale here this past weekend. Considering all of the product in the store due to the lack of a tent (thanks Natick), it seemed to go pretty smooth. Thanks to all who came out and picked up some fresh gear for the upcoming shred season. If you happened to miss out here, check out the Danvers store the 21st through the 23rd or the always entertaining Worcester sale the last weekend of the month. Other than that, keep an eye out for some sort of tent here next year... maybe.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tent Sale Here All Week!

So its official the goods for the upcoming tent sale are arriving daily, yesterday alone we received 2 truck loads of outerwear and boots. All of the outerwear is out and ready to be sold so if you need a jacket or pants and you want to get the heads up on everyone head down to the shop now and get the good stuff before its gone. We're having huge savings on some jackets up to 80%! thats only 20% away from free! Everything is at least 40% and a good amount of higher end jackets and pants are 50-60% so come get that holden kit you had your eye on for cheap!
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On top of all the 06'-07' sale goods we have a good amount 08' outerwear from burton, foursquare, 686 and volcom. As well as a lot of 08' bindings, and boards as well as a few new boots.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Last but not least yesterday we received "were people too" and "optimistic" the new films from the people side of mack dawg and absinthe respectively. Both of these movies are the best I've seen so far this year. Hands down.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Snow news.

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Its official the new movies have started to arrive! The first two to come in are the much anticipated mack dawg blockbuster "Picture This" and the always fun think thank "thanks brain". Both videos are amazing, The riding and cinematography in picture this are definitely top notch, cable cams, rolling shots and really expensive cameras galore if you have the chance see this in high definition its amazing. On top of all that the riding is just as good, everyone comes through with solid parts, but with riders like euro ettala, jeremy jones, darrell mathes, and seth huot just to name a few thats pretty much a gaurentee, if you liked follow me around buy this video you wont be disapointed. Thanks brain stays true to the think thank way of riding, creative different riding. Scott stevens has an epic 2 song 5 minute long part best one by far, thats not to say the others aren't good johnny miller of sunday in the park fame has another really good really creative part, as does the man behind the video jesse burtner always an entertaining rider. But dont take my word for it come down to the shop sit on the couch watch one or both of the videos and then you'll have no choice but to buy them, there that good.

In other video news nashua is not only having there tent sale this weekend they are also being kind enough to premier the new capita movie "first kiss" i suggest you and your friends head north and check out the new video. its free what more do you need?

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Also dont forget about our tent sale weekend! 14,15,16th of September all of last years snow goods at least 40% off! 10% off of 08' hard goods as well! so come and get ready from winter because its not that far off!-mike

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Former Celtics guard Delonte West rolled through the shop today to cop some kicks. He ended up with some size 13 Circa 8 Track's and Emerica Reynold's 3's. Brittnee ended up with a good photo outside the store as well, she loves the Celtics. Delonte now plays for Seattle.