Wednesday, August 29, 2007


boards in.

as well as some Atmosphere goodies.

we like big updates

& still more snow stuff coming in.
13 new bindings from Rome & K2.

check out this whip that rolled into the shop today. this jumpoff is a vintage Mongoose Decade from the mid 80's. spin-tech gyro & all. Sean Seymour eat your heart out.

this is brittnee's new rig... it's little.

& mac still fucking kills it...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Londonderry Pop Festival

So for anyone who missed out on the rome extravaganza in vermont this weekend missed a hell of a party. I think its pretty safe to say everyone involved had a good time. Rome really pulled through and had a great event. They managed to get snow for an 85 degree rail jam, A mini ramp for skating, multiple bands, a giant projection screen to premier the new movie any means and from what i remember it was solid all around video. After the video premier they lite up the bonfire and it went all night. I have two slideshows of pictures take a look and see what you missed out on. Thanks to rome for putting this on and i hope they do it every year.-mike

Monday, August 20, 2007

pitching the tent soon

you most likely already know, but the anual tent sale dates have been announced for each shop.
the sale hits our store the weekend of SEPTEMBER 14, 15, & 16. if you need anything for this upcoming season (boards, boots, bindings, outerwear, goggles, gloves, etc.) make sure you stop by for some good deals.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

warped tour and brooklyn banks

Last week Vans Warped tour came by and Chris Piatek was nice enough to let us help out at his booth all day. We stamped people with electric logos and everyone had fun. Especially steve.
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This guy had more fun then everyone.
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And brittnee sprayed people with a squirt gun all day.
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On saturday there was the brooklyn banks contest in new york. Mac made the trip out there with a bunch of other guys and stayed the weekend. The contest was good with a lot of people showing up. Manny won a thousand dollars. And still didnt give me gas money.
b-hat filmed some stuff of the contest and you should check it out.
Later that night we headed down to the Volcom premier for the new video Let's Live. Video was sick and if you didnt make it to the premier in worcestor then you should try to pick it up when it comes in.
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After that we celebrated like we had all won a thousand dollars but in reality none of us had money at all.
We skated new york the rest of the time. Everyone got some clips and i got my car towed. Overall new york city is amazing and one of the funnest places to go.

John Bastani also sent us this montage of all his old footage.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

We've got so much new stuff we caused a fire hazard!

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Ok so we have been severely lacking in updating this thing so heres a biggie. This week we've got in a crapload of new clothes and shoes. Even some 08 snow stuff! we recived rather hefty shipments of matix, circa and fallen clothing as well as some new eb shirts!

As well as circa shoes to go along with there clothes, also some adio's supra's and dvs'. Don't forget about the fallen's, es' and emerica's we recieved acouple weeks ago. If you need new shoe's come in and get them.

It may only be august but the snow stuff is coming in more everyday! Just this week we've received bindings from Burton including the missions, customs, p1's and there female counterparts. We have also got in the 08 northwave line and as always they look great and are some of the most comfortable boots in industry, if you really like to snowboard get yourself a pair of these. An impressive new comer to the eb line up is the binding company raiden out of the nitro family, and i must say these bindings look phenomenal good straps, soft high back, convertible toe cap, and style to boot. As for decks go we have a few 08 burton's and forum's not the whole line yet but thus far they look good.

In other snow related news there are two early pre season rail jams going on this month the first being put on by the dudes at dudeguyproduction in auburn at some hockey rink check the flyer below for more information. The biggie however is the Rome I Love Box/Any Means premier/hippie lovefest/overnight camping trip in beautiful londonderry vermont. Taking place at the old timber ridge resort its going to be amazing you should all go and bring a tent.

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last but not least here is ted zwerbla modeling the new tommy sandaval pro model sweatshirt. apparently tommy and teddy both like weed.

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Monday, August 6, 2007

Spears, Lohan, Burton, and more...

since there are scattered thunderstorms throughout the area today, not much skating is going down. our token female employee Brittnee has turned me on to a website that i now check religiously. its called the superficial, its because you're ugly, and theres enough celebrity gossip and t&a to get you through your day. the dude who started this probably makes more money than we'll ever see in our lifetime, and in my opinion (call me gay), rightfully so because he is funny as hell. browse around, read his captions, and have fun wasting the next two hours of your life... enjoy.

the superficial

also in stores today, a heavy load of '08 Burton boots and bindings, pics will be posted later tonight. as usual their products look great.

thanks to Phil Cann for the funny South Park header above, Jay looks so young!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

thirsty thursday...

so it's really hot out today and beach night at boston billiards sounds better than ever. $2 dos equis and sol will surely make this night epic. we received our last batch of Fit Bikes for the season, definitely worth checking out if you need a new whip...

metal bikes make some of the coolest t-shirts in the bmx world. Britt caught me unpacking them...

hopefully i'll see this classy chick at the beach tonight, we'll play bocci all night long.

also stay tuned for a new blog header only to compete with Worcester's rad Simpsons knock-off... peace!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Eddie Allen

heres some new footage from shop rider eddie allen, apparently he's the only one of our riders who has any. Bastani wheres your shit?

Our shop has also given birth to a new employee today. His name is Ryan Mobley and he rides objects of 2 and 4 wheels when its warm, but when its cold hes on one of those wintasticks dude. Come say hello girls, if you give him $5 or some marlboro reds, he might show you all of his tats, pissa...

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