Wednesday, October 31, 2007

big apple skating

just a short little video by Dan Zvereff.

higher quality version

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

how to be awesome

I came across this video a little while ago and it made me chuckle so check it out and see if it applies to you or anyone you know.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You're Invited!

What: east coast premiere of Huckfest Production's film "Blurred"
Where: Eastern Boarder Natick
When: Friday, November 2nd @ 7:00pm
Why: for fun, of course.

[in association with]

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Natick News: Leominster History

per usual, Bub has already updated the Leominster blog with the scientific limit of product news a brain can handle, even before any other shop's computer is turned on. how DOES he do it?
so if you're riding the late bus with us here in Natick, here is the new(ish) product & news.

Capita and Lib boards have arrived. Including this years stairmaster, outdoor living series, skate banana, and TRS magne-traction. CAPiTA devours everything. As Halloween approaches, don't forget about the only super scary corporation in snowboarding.

"I'm soooooo gay!" Steve's pro-model Consolidated deck came in today. Make sure you come by on a day he's working in order to get your board autographed, and to kick him in the nuts.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

summer rail fun in october?

Despite the fact that it was a balmy 85 degrees(ish) the good people at wachusett mountain with the help of 4 or 5 truck loads of Zamboni waste were able to put together a very fun little contest. There ended up being about 100 people that showed up give or take so that left about 50 people for each obstacle. so like any other contest of this nature it was snake or be snake.(to anyone i snaked, sorry but not really) Despite the lack of snow there was plenty of hay which when mixed with said snow becomes a delicious muddy sloppy mess so needless to say most participants were quite dirty, but who doesn't like to get dirty? The winner Dakota (i don't know his last name) walked away with 300 dollars hard cash! not too shabby. so i have a shit load of pictures but videos are way more fun so here is a nice edit by a stand up young man named Dan Callahan. thanks dan and thank you too wachusett, benji, and everyone else for making it happen.-mike

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

calling all bmxicans

Saturday, October 27th we will be premiering the peg-leg video.
click the photo above for a link to the trailer.
the fun will start around 8pm.
the more the merrier.

is it hot in here?

better late than never...
these are some photos from a truck fire that happened outside the doors of EB on Friday afternoon.

holy smokes!

we partially take credit for putting out the fire and restoring order to route 9 since EB has made several donations to the Natick police and fire departments. you're welcome.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hudson Park Session Photos

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Hudson this past Sunday.
For such an impromptu event, things went alright and everyone had a grand ol' time.
Product toss, rainin' cash money, and some serious bangers.
In case you missed it, here are some photos...

this guy...

Matt Fennel, bs smith...

warehouse monger, Tim Lafortune, back lip...

product toss...

Mike and Mac entertaining the kids, and someones sister's cleavage...

Dyllon Horne, tre flip...

all crews showed up, dirtbag convention, i have a mullet...

Steve Joubert, bs 180 melon...

Matt Jay, nollie bs heelflip...

this board was stolen at one point during the day, but returned later. in between all that, some guy came over to the park threatening everyone there, "i ain't scared of any you mothafuckas here,' real classy dude. So the popo's showed, some hugs were exchanged, and the guy's kid got his board back. you should've been here just for this fiasco... Hoodsin! (thanks Boardman)