Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a happy turkey day.

And on Friday everyone get ready for this.

Black Friday Sale!!!EVERYTHING 10% OFF!!

Thats Right No ReHeated Turkeys here. Everything is fresh off the truck, ALL 2009 Snowboards, Bindings, Boots.....EVERYTHING! All Pants, TShirts, Jackets, Dvd's.....EVERYTHING!! All Shoes, Shoe laces, Sale Shoes....EVERYTHING!! If you find some sweet sale stuff bring it to the counter we'll give you an extra 10% OFF. We are open from 10-9 Fri & Sat 11-6 Sun. Grab granny and get her down to the shop. Keep in Mind...We also love cookies and coffee. Check out the SALE EBlaster here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

ClayFace or Die

For those who already have one, you know these boards rule. For those that don't, check them out. Premium Chapman wood and two graphics to choose from.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hot chick "skating" NYC.

She goes from no pants to no shirt! WTF? Must increase her pop or somethin'...

Sweet tre flip at 1:14.

New Nikes


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Peg Leg's new site

Devin's got a re-vamped website to check out. Looks clean and lots of quality footage to scope on.

Richard Mungall has his part from the DVD up on the home page:

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday Wish List

It's that time of year again, crazy. Share all your wants with your family and friends with our wish list. Makes it easier on your elders.

Here is the printable version, get on it.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Party this sunday night in Boston

Door Prizes, Free Appetizers, and Great Snow Films!
Hosted by Lauren of, Tom from Wedeln Ski Club, and Matt Brodie from
What: Ski and Snowboard Film Party – Boston – after Boston Globe Ski and Snowboard Expo closes.
When: Sunday November 23rd 2008, doors open 7pm.
Where: "The Place" in downtown Boston, 4 miles from Expo, 2 Broad St.Boston, MA 02109 (617) 523-2081.
Why: Bon Voyage party for Matt at and Fun-draiser for Bragan Memorial Ski Scholarship.
How Old: 21+.
Which Films: The Only Boston showing of Rage Films "Such is Life." Also showing Poor Boyz productions "Reasons,” The Eastern Boarder Movie, and others.
How Much: $10 in advance at the Ski/SB Expo booth E-11 Wedeln Ski Club, $15 at the door.
There will be tons of door prizes like Snowboards, GPS units, etc!

Party created with the help of our friends from the Wedeln Ski and Outdoors Club, East Coast Alpine, The Place, PlayBoy Beverages, WFNX, Rage Films, Poor Boyz Productions, Snow East Magazine, Eastern Boarder, and There will be tons of door prizes, cool films, and great food! Check it out.

You can meet this chick...

Party on.

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Monday, November 17, 2008


In case you didn't know, Ted Lavoie now works here and he is really good at snowboarding. Here's a new edit of his EB team video part that was put together by Ted's alter ego, Terry.

It's gonna be cold this week...

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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Beginning tomorrow our store hours will change for the holiday season...
new hours:

MONDAY - SATURDAY: 10am - 9pm
SUNDAY: 11am - 6pm

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Waterville Valley Premature Jibulation Delayed to Nov. 22nd

Due to weather conditions Premature Jibulation is going to have to be delayed 1 week until Saturday November the 22nd. It’s just been a little too warm to blow enough snow to truck down the mountain and mother nature looks like she was planning on throwing a good amount of rain our way this Saturday. Temps are dropping on Sunday, so snowmaking should be a go through the week making the 22nd good and white.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Snowboarding Resource Guide: Board Flex and Category

In another attempt to aid in the process of purchasing a snowboard, here are the breakdowns and definitions of flex and snowboard categories...

Categories: In years past, the breakdown of board categories was pretty easy, you either had an all mountain directional, a twin freestyle, or an alpine with a few hybrids mixed in. Now there are many more sub-categories to take into account. One term that has largely disappeared is the "All Mountain" snowboard. I personally don't like this term, all snowboards are "All Mountain" no matter what their main design is for. To explain a little bit further, here are the basic details to the major categories of boards currently.

Park: This type of board is very popular right now. With the increase in popularity of rail riding and park riding overall, this has caused most, if not all companies, to bump up the number of park specific boards they manufacture. The classic definition of a "Park" snowboard is twin (nose and tail are the exactly the same) in shape and flex (evenly distributed flex from the center of the board), and generally softer in longitudinal flex. That is the broad spectrum of the "Park" category, but there are a couple other sub-categories that I will now get into.

Jib boards: The "Jib" board is generally very basic in design, rarely having anything more than just a wood core and biaxial fiberglass. This equates to a very soft flexing snowboard which is ideal for pressing on rails and boxes. There are many boards in this category including the K2 WWW, Ride kink and the Rome Artifact. Most have a blunted off nose and tail, to allow the effective edge to be much longer than it normally would be with a board of their respective size. The advantage to this method is that you are able to size down a considerable amount, as much as 5 cm. If you were looking for a "Street" board, this would be the category to look under. These boards can be taken off jumps, although I wouldn't necessarily go hit the 60 footer at Loon with a 52 WWweapon, go for the 30 footer instead. (price range: $300-$400)

All Park: I'm not really sure if this category is definitive, but the way I look at it is that these are boards with a little more to them than jib boards, yet have a little more flex than the more jump specific boards. The general make up of these boards is a composite wood core possibly with some carbon fiber inserts, triaxial or reinforced biaxial fiberglass, and a sintered base. There are many variations in technologies from company to company, but the overall objective for these boards are to make them soft enough to press out on rails, yet stable enough to take on some harder jump landings. This is a very big category for many companies, such staple boards as the Burton Custom (ICS shown), Lib Tech TRS, and Rome Agent all fall under this category. (price range: $400-$600)

Jump/Pipe Boards: This is a category that you're not going to see on the cheat sheet on the back of a board, and is not all that different than the "All Park" board. The main difference will be in the flex, these boards are a little stiffer both torsionally and longitudinally. This aids in giving you a stable platform to land on when hitting the big jump line. Pipe specific boards do not officially exist, but most of the big name guys use boards that would fall into this category. The Ride DH 2, Forum Pat Moore, and Burton Un-INC are all great examples of this type of board. (price range: $450-$700)

Freeride: This is the term that has replaced "All Mountain," a freeride board is generally a directional shape (nose is longer than the tail), this allows for ease into and out of turns. The differences in "Freeride" boards come mostly down to stiffness and base material. The softer the flex, the cheaper the board is going to be, also the easier it will be to learn on. The more expensive boards in this category generally have the most technically advanced features, for example the Burton Vapor, which has a completely aluminum core, stainless steel edges, the highest grade base available, and every other possible belle and/or whistle. If you are the type of person who wants to go fast, a higher end freeride board is right up your alley. (price range: $250-$1000)

Powder: Lib Tech has a board that explains this perfectly... It's called the Mullet, but in this case it's long in front and short in back. All "Powder" specific boards have a very set back stance to allow you to float as much and as easily as possible in the powder. Some even have what's known as a swallow tail, which is a tail that splits into two, this allows you to have the tail sink into the snow allowing the nose to float freely above the powder. A good alternative to having a purely powder specific board is to set back a "Freeride" board more than you usually would on those big dump days. "Powder" boards are amazing inside their own element, however, when taken to groomers or anything other than powder these boards become excessive. The extremely large nose as well as some unusual shapes tend to make these boards terrible on hardpack. If you get the chance to ride something like the Travis Rice Banana Hammock in 2 feet of Vermont's finest, do not pass up the opportunity. (price range: $500-$1200)

Flex: Perhaps the most important characteristic of a snowboard, the flex is what determines the type of riding the board is designed for. There are 2 main types of flex to concern yourself with: torsional; which is the horizontal flex of the board (edge to edge) and longitudinal; the vertical flex of the board (tip to tail). So now that you know the differences in terms we can start to explain what to look for in each category. The flex that you feel the most is going to be the longitudinal flex, this is the factor that generally determines the "flex rating" of the board, although torsional flex has a great deal of impact upon "turnability" and edge stability at high speeds. To make this even easier, I am going to break down the different flexes in the way every company does... on a scale of 1 to 10!!! OMG!!!

1-3 rating: Does not exist. If you find something this low it's too soft. Probably not a full wood core.
3-5 rating: This is the category that the majority of all boards under $400 fall into. This flex is ideal for beginner to intermediate riders, as well as low to mid level park boards. Most Jib boards fall into this rating.
5-8 rating: This range of flex encompasses the "All Park" and Jump board categories, as well as the mid to upper mid range freeride boards.
8-10 rating: If a board has this high of a rating you can be sure of two things, it's expensive and very fast. The majority of all high end freeride boards can be included in this group.

Hopefully this plethora of knowledge can further assist you in the purchase of a new snowboard. Check many of these boards and more out at Thanks for reading. -EB Natick-

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Krooked AM

Brad Cromer is the new am on krooked and has an interview and video part up on the DLX website.

More skate news, Roger Skateboards has a cool new company that is already planning on going out of business.

And they have the Roger of the Month program going on. The first winner is Bill Pierce.

Bill Pierce - Roger of the month - November 2008 from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Not just another tuesday.

So as many, hopefully all of you know tomorrow is the day we've been hearing about non stop for at least the last year, Election day! That being said, everyone here at Eastern Boarder strongly urges you to go out and vote. I know the bombardment of media and political propaganda bullshit almost make it seem like nothing more than a popularity contest. However, if the current state of the nation proves anything, it's that this is much more. The President matters. Who we elect into that position will effect us all in more ways than you can imagine. So regardless of who you are voting for, the important thing is that you actually recognize it's importance, make the effort and vote. If you haven't given it a lot of thought yet take a minute and check out the candidates positions on everything. Don't trust what others say, see the facts for yourself. This is our country, we need to make sure the right person is in charge of it. Look where we are now and look where we were 8 years ago, you'll really see why this is such an important event.

Also on the ballot this year in Massachusetts are three questions to vote on.(each link explains the question in detail) :

Quest.1: The repeal of state income taxes..
Quest.2: The Decriminalization of Marijuana (Making it a 100$ fine for any amount under an ounce for those over 18)
Quest.3: The ban of greyhound racing in Mass.

So there you go, now you can't say you are not informed. So please do all of us and yourself a favor, and Vote.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Top Snow Video Picks.

With the overwhelming amount of shred films flooding the marketplace as of right now, it can sometimes be hard choosing just one. So to aid in you're decision making process here are my(mike) top 5 snowboard film picks for 2008-09 :

#5: "Down With People" Mack Dawg: This is Mack Dawgs third installment of the "People" video line, and in my opinion the best one to date. The usual "People" dudes kill it once again with stand-out parts from Jordan Mendenhall, Bryan Fox and Zac Marben... to name a few. Notable new comers to the videos are Simon Chamberlain and one of my favorites Joe Sexton, both of them are on some definite next level rail shit. 50% street 30% backcountry & 20% park: $24.99

#4: "No Correct Way" Kids on Shred: Rome's Sophomore video release does not disappoint in anyway. LNP has a phenomenal part with more 180 combinations than you can comprehend. Marie France Roy follows up her award winning part last year with yet another bench mark setting female part, and she's pretty easy on the eyes too. Eiki Helgason is new to the Rome team, but he comes out swinging with the best part in the video... you may not know who he is now but you will. 40% street 40% backcountry 20% park: $24.99

#3: "Ready" Absinthe: Gigi Ruf, and Nicolas Muller. Need I say more? 80% backcountry 20% street/park: $29.99

#2:"That's it That's all" Brain Farm: The scenery is just as impressive as the riding. This was a two-year project for Travis Rice who was the brains behind this epic. Keep in mind that two years of progression for Travis Rice is the equivalent of 10 years for us mere mortals. So the caliber of riding is unmatched and largely untouched by anyone. Oh, did I mention Terje and Nicolas Muller? They're in there too. In all reality, this could be the best video this year... but one video is a little more enjoyable for me to watch. 100% GNAR: $29.99

#1: "These Days" Transworld Snow: Transworld is 20+ videos deep in skateboarding, and usually mix big name pros with lesser known (but fully qualified) ams. For the company's first venture into the realm of snowboard videos they kept with a similar formula. Using the aging-but-amazing Chad Otterstrom and Capita heavy hitter Dustin Craven, to compliment the slew of young up and coming am riders. Including but not limited to: Jonas Michilot, Tim Eddy, Louif Paradis, and Nick Dirks... all of whom were in last years autumn lines "This is For Everyone", which happens to be my favorite video of last year (go figure). Every single part in this video is note worthy, but the two that stand out the most for me are Nick Dirk's and Jonas Michilot's. Their styles and trick selections are easily some of my favorites, but thats just me. If you're looking for epic get "That's It", but if your looking for a video that gets you psyched and makes you want to go out and shred... this is the video to get. 40% street 30% backcountry 30% park: $24.99

other notable videos:The Eastern Boarder Video, The Boned Age, Forum or Against em.

So there you are, I hope that helps you in your decison making. If not, suck it.

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Daylight Savings

Roll back the clocks tonight, it's daylight savings time.