Saturday, September 6, 2008

Exciting shit if you're into snowboarding.

Ok so for those of you who have not heard the "Dudeguy" films premier has been postponed until they can get some copies to sell. BUTT fear not shredders your buddies here at Eastern Boarder have come through with another video to premier...So Friday Sept. 12th we will be showing the world premier of the new EB team video! It's going to be sick. Still out back around 8ish o'clock. We have a pretty sweet idea for a screen so hopefully it will work out.

In other premier news Rome Snowboards is premiering their sophomore video release "No Correct Way" Sunday Sept. 14th. Check out the flier for more details. In support of the video, pro shreds Marie France Roy and LNP (he's actually am but should be pro) are going to be around the shop Sunday before the premier in Boston at some point possibly signing some stuff so if you want your picture taken with the best female snowboarder alive or if you want LNP to sign your blouse come on down.

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