Friday, December 12, 2008

No hill? No problem!

This is a winch made by Heine Snowtools and it is one of the coolest things I think i've ever seen. It allows you to be pulled along on flat ground at a rapid pace so you're backyard park set up just became a lot cooler. Check out the full details on this beast here. Or maybe you want to upgrade you're janky wooden drop in ramp to something a little more professional. They have a 6.5 foot aluminum drop in ramp that breaks down to the size of a board bag. The Mack Dawg and Forum dudes have already upgraded. Check it out and check out for other great products from these guys.

Check out the video below of the winch in action.


SNOWINFO said...

I NEED one of these.

About 12,523 more rails and jumps just opened up across the midwest.

SNOWINFO said...

Who's the first to use one for mega skate QP.