Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back to the Boneyard

Went off yesterday in Waterville Valley, NH. EB team rider and Waterville local Pat Moore hosted the event and also killed it in the reincarnated Boneyard park. Check out this article from It's the first one I came across although I have no idea what YoBeat is. Apparently it's a "cool" approach at making fun of snowboarding... Hmmm. Nice site though.

Set list.

Pat killin' it.

Chris Carr, also repping EB and killin' it.

Pat and the winners.


YoBeat said...

Shit...don't know what YoBeat is. well, now you know. We had up world quarters coverage first too. nbd.

Mulch said...

i know what yo beat is. bloggin before blogs were invented.