Monday, April 6, 2009

Get there while you can!

I just went up to Mount Snow sunday and it was sickkk!! They still have a ton of stuff up in Carinthia, since the last time I was there in February they have only taken down a few smaller features. The snow is going fast however and with rain in the forecast for much of this week it is not looking good. They will be closed 'til thursday. If you get a chance make the trip up to West Dover even if it is going to rain, because you always have more fun riding in the rain than you think you would. Just remember to bring a poncho. It does appear that for most mountains this weekend is closing day which is basically the equivalent of the first day of school after summer. So grab those skateboards and get ready to regret any day you decided to sleep in or "didn't feel like it," you have all summer and fall to think about your mistakes and learn to never let a day on the snow go to waste. For those of you who are able to go to a summer camp the fun isn't over yet! There are basically 3 to choose from... Windell's, High Cascade, and Camp of Champions. They are all good (its riding in the summer, anythings good really), but from what i've heard High Cascade is worth the little bit extra over Windell's and if you're really ballin' out go for C.O.C., it is easily the biggest and best summer camp. It is also the most expensive with the total cost for the camp coming out to just over $2,000 and you have to pay for a plane ticket to B.C. Check out the two videos below, one is a hot lap at C.O.C. and the other is the full version of the Airblaster video "August," which chronicles the journeys of the Airblaster team in the month of august at Mt. Hood in Oregon, the same home for High Cascade and Windell's (everything they ride is at High Cascade).

Hot Lap - Camp of Champions from evan l on Vimeo.

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