Monday, August 3, 2009

Dew Tour coverage

Better late than never, by Holden Barth. Holden was away at skate camp at Skater's Edge in Taunton the past week so there was a delay in posting this:

So as everyone knows the Dew Tour rolled into Boston this past Friday and Saturday. Friday had the male's skate street which was a ton of fun to watch. The top 15 went to the Finals the next day and as we all know, Ryan Sheckler took first while Ryan Decenzo took second, and Chris Cole took third. After the first round, Decenzo had the lead in his first pro contest but at the final open jam session, Sheckler edged him out for the win. So Sheckler is in first for Dew Tour Standings and had the title of ISF Skateboarding World Champion.

I was there Friday and it was pretty rad because they had the Festival Village in which you could get autographs from pros, free products, and the chance to win anything from skateboard decks to a week at Woodward. You could get autographs while the contest were going on. I tried to get Dennis Busenitz and Chris Cole but the mob of kids was so big by the time I got close enough they stopped signing. I tried once to get Ryan Sheckler to sign a magazine (you know the resale value must be crazy, JK) but the amount of girls wanting the same thing was just stupid. Halfway through the contest, he must have houdinied or something and I think he didn't even skate. Eric Koston was there but he showed up about 5 minutes before his run and he wasn't doing anything crazy. It looked like he was having fun but I was bummed because I wanted to see him do something gnarly because he is one of my top five favorite skaters. Another favorite of mine is Nick Dompierre because he's from New Bedford. It's his first year doing this contest circuit and I saw him this past Tuesday at Skater's Edge practicing some tricks. I saw him nearly stomp the back 360 nose grab in the qualifier that he got first try at Skater's Edge.

If the Tour is coming back next year, I definitely suggest going to it because of the atmosphere and just for the experience, but the amount of posers and girls wanting to see Ryan Sheckler makes it seem like sellout center. So I would try to balance it out with some legitimate skate demos (here at Natick EB of course).

On another note, I've been at skateboard camp at Skater's Edge for the past week with Anthony Shetler and he was warming up on Thursday for his up coming contest Zoo York's AM Getting Paid. I got some clips and the filming may not be the best because I'm doing this on a digital camera.
(Insert Video here)
Anthony is sponsored by Zoo York Boards and Shoes, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, FKD Bearings, and Solstice Skate Shop.

By: Holden Barth PR

Thanks Holden! Here is some other Anthony Shetler footage since I couldn't convert the file he sent me. This is not from State Of Mind, it's from All I Need.

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