Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rhythm Snowboards

Here is an article about a cool local start up snowboard company.

Rhythm Snowboards

"I am on the Sugarbush Freestyle Team at Sugarbush Mt. Vermont. Last year was my first year and I had these two great coaches. Their names were Matt Griffin and Andrew Saunders. Matt told me he owned a snowboard company with his brother Pat called Rhythm Snowboards. Rhythm Snowboards is a great East Coast company owned by some really cool dudes. Rhythm is a start up company, but they are really great because they are handmade in America, they’re eco-friendly, and they are keeping it modern. A new board for the 2010 line called the Innovation has reverse camber and a spoon nose and tail shape. My personal favorite is the Supertwin because each graphic shows a place that the Rhythm Team travels to: 152 represents Argentina with a check point cop, 155 represents Vermont with the two whales tail sculpture, and the 158 represents New Zealand with a fruit sculpture that is in Cromwell. The customer service they have is great, if something goes wrong with the board you can call them up and easily get it repaired or replaced. I know for a fact that his mom knows how to epoxy a beat up board, and she makes really comfy bandanas, thanks Mrs. Griffin! As you can tell this is a great family owned and operated company. And when I say this i’m also talking about their good friends who seem like family and made team riding last year really fun. This is a thank you to Rhythm Snowboards and the Rhythm Snowboards family who make some awesome snowboards too."

Want to read the Rhythm Snowboard story from their side or check out the boards? Check it out here: (under construction)

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Holden Barth

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Rhythm Snowboards said...

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