Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mikey Leblanc interview by Holden Barth

Got this in my email today...

"Hey Steve,
Havent sent an article in lately so here is a convo between me and Mikey Leblanc. Add any links that you want and edit out any parts you want. Thanks and all the new gear i picked up today is really nice."


Here is that conversation between Mikey and Holden. Coincidence upon the name Holden and brand Holden, so the first few lines are pretty funny.

"This is from a chat between me and Mikey Leblanc who I talked to on Facebook through the Holden
Outerwear facebook account not knowing it was him until he explained who he was. Me is me Holden
Barth and Holden is Holden Outerwear which is Mikey Leblanc."

Me: sick name
Holden: haha thanks!
Me: yea
Holden: Not so bad yourself
Where’d your parents get the name?
Me: The book, Catcher in the Rye
Holden: Us too
Best book
Your parents are genius just so you know
Me: mmk
Leblanc is the genius
Holden: This is HE. And I am he, and thank ye for the props YEEEE
Me: HAHA soooooooo sick
Holden: Word man
Hows your MONDAY?
Me: So rad right now cuz im talking to Leblanc!
You just made my day
Holden: Hah! Hell yea man, im on facebook sometimes… you at school?
Me: nah got out earlier today
Holden: Hows the east? You see the latest Videograss yet?
Me: Ive been trying to get it. I was watching Burning Bridges earlier this week tho
Holden: Sick man. Videograss is good, Burning Bridges is better HAH
Me: Alright
Holden: The tricks are newer in the VG obvs. The kids are sick… Jed Anderson
Me: He kills it. The soundtrack to Burning Bridges is so rad
Holden: That music was fun to pick
Me: Yea it was so random there’s punk, rock, alternative, rap and your part had regee
Holden: Hah the gamut. Sometimes you gotta just love it al
Me: yea I thought it was really cool
Holden: Glad you liked it, after you edit a part for 40 hours and you still like a song, you know it’s a good
Me: Sounds about right
Holden: Man, I’ve see some RAD video parts RUINED by bad music
Jeremey Jones (jib) for example, had some BAD BAD BAD songs
Me: Yea I see, a lot of the music I like and listen to come from skateboard and snowboard videos
Holden: Yep me too. He also had a couple good ones too: that year he used Agent Orange’s “Everything
Turns Grey”
Me: Yea that was the song to his part in True Life by Mack Dawg. I liked that song and that video
Holden: Yepp that’s the point as a good video editor to curate unused great new and old music its such a
bummer when people waste that opportunity
Me: So sophisticated
Holden: Haha you got me going here…
Me: Yea it’s pretty cool. D you know about Eastern Boarder?

Holden: Yea man, wish they carried more Holden tho
Me: Yea I sometimes write blog articles for the Natick shops website
Holden: Sick gig, one of the only legit shops still left back there on the east coast
Me: Yea so would it be cool if I use this chat as a blog article?
Holden: Sure dude
Me: Sick thanks
Holden: Word man. Just don’t blow me up
Me: Haha ok. Hows Holden Outerwear doing? This season’s line of clothes came out and it looks sick,
any favorites?
Holden: Yea man, I LOVE the puffy down jacket, cuz im lazy and just want to wear a t-shirt under my
Me: Same here I hate putting effort in to layering up
Holden: And I like the Lemmy Denim pants, I don’t run Skinny style so they are a good fit for me… and
they just look like regular jeans
Me: Yea im rocking straight leg pants this year
Holden: What else? I like the Steadman jacket; it’s a longer fit which is good for shredding pow
What do you like?
Me: Insulation, dryness, and durability are key for me
Holden: Yepp I hear that a lot back east. I came outta Maine so I know the cold out there is BRUTAL
Me: Sorry to be lame but mom is calling for dinner. Final questions” Plans for the riding season, new
ideas going on at Holden, any filming going on this year? Thanks for doing this and it was an
honor to talk to you
Holden: Plans: VG #3, Holden team video/zine by me and Shelby Menzel who made Burning Bridges and
Lovehate with me, plus friends. Riding and traveling, have a nice dinner man. THANK YOU

Good shit right there. Thanks Holden (both Barth and the outerwear brand)!

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