Thursday, May 12, 2011

50% Off Custom Wheel Builds

For the month of May we are doing custom wheel builds at 50% off at EB Natick! We have some of the lightest wheels in BMX in stock right now from G-Sport, Odyssey, Fly Bikes, Primo, and The Shadow Conspiracy. Not only are we doing half off on the wheel builds we are also doing 10% off on our rims, spokes, nipples, rim strips, and hubs. So if you always wanted to have a custom wheel built now may be your time. We will be offering this deal until May 31st so come on in and check out our stock and if you don't see what you want we can get you the same deal on anything we need to special order for you.
New G-Sport Birdcage Rims laced up! These things only weigh 14.4 oz each and feature a hollow bead (like a birds bones) to save weight, a cross- lacing pattern for wheel stiffness, and an offset valve hole. These rims are suppose to be just as strong as other rims that weight 20%-30% more.Remember rotational weight makes a huge difference in how heavy your bike feels when it is in the air!!

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