Friday, September 23, 2011

2012 Ashbury Goggles Have Arrived!

2012 Ashbury goggles in stock at your local Eastern Boarder and online at Kaleidoscope and Warlock pro models from some of your favorite riders Chris Grenier, Jake Olsen-Elm, Jed Anderson, LNP, and LouifParadis! Ashbury goggles offer an extra comfortable fit, classic styling, and excellent optics for an affordable price. So, come in and grab a pair and support your favorite riders before they are all gone!
2012 Ashbury Warlock Louif Paradis / Green Tortoise Goggles
2012 Ashbury Warlock LNP / Translucent Black Goggles
2012 Ashbury Warlock Jed Anderson / Black Goggles
2012 Ashbury Warlock Jake Olson-Elm Goggles
2012 Ashbury Kaleidoscope Chris Grenier / Grey Tortoise Goggles

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