Sunday, September 23, 2012

Natick Shop 2013 Snowboard Picks

2013 GNU Metal Guru: is a twin tip quiver killer. EC2 technology at a great price. If you have been checking out Lib Tech's Attack Banana but want some extra cash in your pocket hop on one of these mid wide decks from GNU!

-Triaxial Glass
-Flex 4
-Twin geometries
-Handbuilt in the USA
2013 DWD Genovese: is a twin tip flat camber all terrain slayer. it comes in a new size this year (154cm) and is ready for anything you can throw at it. It has a nice smooth snap coming from its flat camber allowing you to ride everything from park to powder!

-Flat camber
-Sintered Base
-Twin Geometries
-Flex 5
-Made in Austria

2013 Libe Tech Skate Banana: is the industry changer. Back in 2006 Lib came out with this v-rocker/magne-traction combo (banana traction) making this deck the most stable v-rocker board for east coast riding!

-Banana Traction
-Twin Geometries
-Sintered Base
-Flex 4-5
-Handbulit in the USA

2103 Burton Parkitect Restricted: is a true twin asymmetrical park board. Burton uses a new off-axis core profiling with frost bite edges to give this twin tip a distinct toe and heel edge that works with your body for a smoother flex and better edge hold.

-Sintered Base
-Triax Fiberglass
-Jumper Cables
-Flex 4

2013 Forum Youngblood Grand Pops: is a true twin with a super fun camber profile Forum calls Gand Pops. The Grand Pops profile gives this board a mild camber between the inserts and large flat zones outside the inserts to the tips. This gives you a large stable area to load up your nose and tail for huge ollies. Forum has nailed it this year with this super fun skate like feel profile!

-Grand Pops Camber
-Biaxial Fiberglass
-Gnar Core
-Booter Boosters
-Swingers Club
-Flex 4

2013 Capita Defenders of Awesome: has one of the best graphics out this year as well as one of the funnest camber profiles to make this board a quiver killer at a great price. The DOA has a mild camber in between your feet, a flat zone under your feet and a slight rocker in the distinct flat kick tip and tail. If you're are a rider looking for a light board with pop that can handle any riding condition the DOA is a great choice!

-Twin Geometries
-HMC Extruded Die-Cut Base
-Form 6-K Fiberglass Configuration
-Flex 4
-2 x 20mm Carbon Kevlar Beams

2013 Signal Jake OG: is a true twin cambered freestyle machine. J-O.E wanted a snappy cambered board that can handle any type of riding. The Triax glass and carbon stringer that runs tip to tail gives the OG a ton of pop for those rails and landings. Signal has every top sheet hand painted so no two are the same!

-Twin Geometries
-Sintered Base
-Triaxial Fiberglass
-Carbon Stringer
-"Mountain Profile" poplar core that is tapered between your feet for a softer torsional feel
-Flex 5 Length, 4 Torsionally
2013 K2 Happy Hour: has done a collaboration graphic this year with Airblaster for a clean look on this pointy shaped true twin. This deck has a nice soft, smooth, and super poppy feel because of massive amounts of carbon in it, deep sidecut, and flatline profile. One of the funnest boards out there right now!

-Twin Geometries
-Sintered Base
-Carbon Ollie Bar
-Carbon Web
-Flatline Tweekend
-Flex 5

2013 Ride Machete GT: is one of the best all mountain freestyle available this year. Ride has come up with a New Lowrize Hybrid profile for the Machete GT that gives it's riders the stability and edge hold of a cambered board under foot and the freedom of a rockered nose and tail. Ride has also added carbon to their famous slimewall sidewall technology to add pop to this super light deck!

-Twin Geometries
-Sintered Base
-Hybrid Lowrize
-Membrain Topsheet
-Carbon Array 5
-Flex 7

2013 Never Summer Heritage: is a equipped this year with the new NS Superlight woodcore with extensive amounts of carbon (Carbonium Laminate Technology) to push this board to new limits for all mountain riding! This deck is super snappy and light to excel any rider looking for the ultimate all mountain freestyle experience!

-Directional Shape
-Carbonium Topsheet
-Carbonium Laminate Technology
-CDS Dampening System
-Sintered Base
-Flex 6


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This is one of my favourite snowboards.

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