Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Better recognize!!!


Here is a good synopsis from The Come Up...

"Lessons to be learned here:

1) Every dude wearing an oversized white tee has a gun. Every single one.

2) If you get a gun pulled on you and STILL find it within yourself to punch the guy in the face and then beat the fuck out of him, you are more badass than anyone, ever. So badass it kinda borders on just retarded (in my mature infinite wisdom, I’d be pretty happy to get a gun pulled on me and just talk my way out of it and walk away in one piece), but still, fuck it. How dumb would you feel if you started shit with some whiteboy, pulled a gun and STILL got beat so bad you could barely stand up? Justice served."

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1 comment:

GD said...

hmmm... anyone remember the movie Kids??