Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pat Moore in the TWsnow Gear Guide

"So as you might see, school has started again and we are starting to look towards snowboarding with the Eastern Boarder postcards in the mail promoting our awesome winter tent sale. Flipping through the Transworld Snowboarding's Gear Guide 2010 you also should have noticed on page 109 a familiar face in the mag. Yeah that's right, Pat Moore. And look at his board, two Eastern Boarder circles and two bubble logo vinyl. In total 4 Eastern Boarder stickers. How's that for dedication to a great ice coast snowboard shop?"

By Holden Barth, P.R.

"Pat is awesome. He is the ONLY pro in this whole buyers guide that is rocking a shop sponsor sticker. and his OG Waterville Dot. Hell Yeah Pat.. Everybody has to come from somewhere... Pat comes from NEW HAMPSHIRE!!! Thanks Man."

Mulch & E.B.

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